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Volunteered Geographic Information and the City

Academic Editors: Andrew Hudson-Smith, Choon-Piew Pow, Jin-Kyu Jung and Wen Lin

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Revealing Cultural Ecosystem Services through Instagram Images: The Potential of Social Media Volunteered Geographic Information for Urban Green Infrastructure Planning and Governance
Paulina Guerrero , Maja Steen Møller , Anton Stahl Olafsson and Bernhard Snizek
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.609 | Publication date: 2016/06/06
Characterizing New Channels of Communication: A Case Study of Municipal 311 Requests in Edmonton, Canada
Qing Lu and Peter A. Johnson
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.621 | Publication date: 2016/06/07
Leveraging VGI Integrated with 3D Spatial Technology to Support Urban Intensification in Melbourne, Australia
Soheil Sabri , Abbas Rajabifard , Serene Ho , Sam Amirebrahimi and Ian Bishop
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.623 | Publication date: 2016/06/15
Planning with Citizens: Implementation of an e-Planning Platform and Analysis of Research Needs
Stefan Steiniger , M. Ebrahim Poorazizi and Andrew J. S. Hunter
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.607 | Publication date: 2016/06/20
Civic Hackathons: New Terrain for Local Government-Citizen Interaction?
Pamela J. Robinson and Peter A. Johnson
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.627 | Publication date: 2016/06/21
‘Sensor’ship and Spatial Data Quality
Elisabeth Sedano
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.608 | Publication date: 2016/06/24
Ensuring VGI Credibility in Urban-Community Data Generation: A Methodological Research Design
Jamie O'Brien , Miguel Serra , Andrew Hudson-Smith , Sophia Psarra , Anthony Hunter and Martin Zaltz-Austwick
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.620 | Publication date: 2016/06/27
Data-Driven Participation: Algorithms, Cities, Citizens, and Corporate Control
Matthew Tenney and Renee Sieber
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.645 | Publication date: 2016/07/04
Citizen-Centric Urban Planning through Extracting Emotion Information from Twitter in an Interdisciplinary Space-Time-Linguistics Algorithm
Bernd Resch , Anja Summa , Peter Zeile and Michael Strube
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.617 | Publication date: 2016/07/05
Kilburn High Road Revisited
Cristina Capineri
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.614 | Publication date: 2016/07/08
The V in VGI: Citizens or Civic Data Sources
Suthee Sangiambut and Renee Sieber
Article | Urban Planning | DOI: 10.17645/up.v1i2.644 | Publication date: 2016/07/12