A deeper look at poverty using creative methods

with Joe Wheelan

5 Jun 2024 | Social Inclusion

Policy documents on poverty often miss crucial information. Joe Whelan (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) tells us how hidden perspectives from those experiencing poverty are essential, and offers creative research methods that bridge the gap between official reports and the realities on the ground. The episode shows why policymakers need to listen more attentively to the voices and experiences missing from official plans.

Episode based on the article

Policy Silences and Poverty in Ireland: An Argument for Inclusive Approaches
By Joe Whelan
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About the Speaker

Joe Whelan is a sociologist and social policy scholar and an assistant professor in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin. Joe is a member of the Editorial Collective of the high-impact scholarly journal Critical Social Policy. Joe’s main area of research interest focuses on exploring the intersections of welfare, poverty, and work. Joe’s recent monograph, Hidden Voices: Lived Experiences in the Irish Welfare Space, was published in paperback by Policy Press in October 2023.