Austerity’s grip: Young people in the face of economic turmoil

with Sander van Lanen

28 Nov 2023 | Urban Planning

How do global economic structures shape the everyday experiences of people in cities? Sander van Lanen (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) explains how the global financial crisis shaped austerity policies in Ireland, and how these policies affected young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods. What can we learn from the Irish case?

Episode based on the article

Structural Transformations and Everyday Spatial Consequences in Austerity Ireland: An Embedded Comparative Approach
By Sander van Lanen
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About the Speaker

Sander van Lanen (PhD in urban geography, University College Cork) works as an assistant professor in cultural geography. In that role, he researchers and teaches in the fields of geography and planning. His research focusses on the geographies of inequality, poverty, and social exclusion—especially in cities. Recently, his research particularly focusses on experiences of social exclusion, neighbourhood-based initiatives, and social infrastructure. Portrait by Piet den Blanken.