Breaking barriers: The resilience of Ghana’s stayer youth

with Onallia Esther Osei

9 May 2023 | Social Inclusion

This episode explores the aspirations of "stayer youth" in Ghana: young people whose parents have migrated abroad while they stay behind. With Onallia Esther Osei (Maastricht University, The Netherlands), we discuss how they navigate their dreams of migration, their resilience in the face of challenges, and what we can learn from their experiences about migration and youth aspirations in the Global South.

Episode based on the article

Aspiring While Waiting: Temporality and Pacing of Ghanaian Stayer Youth’s Migration Aspirations
By Onallia Esther Osei, Valentina Mazzucato, and Karlijn Haagsman
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About the Speaker

Onallia Esther Osei is a PhD candidate in globalisation, transnationalism, and development at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. She is a human geographer whose research interests are youth development, mobility, and transnationalism. She currently researches the experiences and aspirations of children of migrants in origin countries, specifically Ghana, as part of the MO-TRAYL project. With her current project, Onallia extends “stayer” youth’s voice in the existing transnational family knowledge.