Cities for all: The role of social work in migrant integration

with Niroshan Ramachandran and Claudia Di Matteo

21 Nov 2023 | Social Inclusion

How can we make cities more inclusive for migrants? Niroshan Ramachandran (Edge Hill University, UK) and Claudia Di Matteo (Lund University, Sweden) explain how social work creates a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment for migrants. We dive into the latest research and practice on inclusive cities and social work with migrants using Sweden and the UK as case studies.

Episode based on the article

Exploring Inclusive Cities for Migrants in the UK and Sweden: A Scoping Review
By Niroshan Ramachandran and Claudia Di Matteo
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About the Speaker

Niroshan Ramachandran (PhD) is a lecturer in criminology within the School of Law, Criminology and Policing at Edge Hill University. He conducts research on sociological aspects of migration, social protection, inclusion, and integration. He has researched the social protection experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow. He has experience working with internally displaced people in Sri Lanka and Indian returnees (Sri Lankan refugees in India). His current research focuses on asylum seekers’ and refugees’ criminalisation experiences in the UK.

Claudia Di Matteo is a PhD student at the Department of Social Work, Lund University. Her current research interests cover topics such as migration, gender‐based violence, and EU welfare regimes. Before earning her PhD position, she worked as a researcher at the Centre for Socio‐Economic Research on Ageing, INRCA (Italian National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing), focusing on social policy, multi‐level governance, and the coordination of state and non‐state civil society actors. She has extensive professional experience in international cooperation and NGOs working with migrants in the EU and Africa.