Decidim: A case study in digital urban governance

with Aline Suter

14 May 2024 | Urban Planning

Many cities are embracing technology for development, but how can residents truly have a say? Aline Suter (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Switzerland) explores Decidim, a platform designed to empower citizens and foster collaboration in shaping their urban spaces. We look at how Decidim works and its potential to transform city planning.

Episode based on the article

Digital Rights to the City: Local Practices and Negotiations of Urban Space on Decidim
By Aline Suter, Lars Kaiser, Martin Dušek, Florin Hasler, and Simone Tappert
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About the Speaker

Aline Suter holds an MA degree in Critical Urban Studies (University of Basel) and is a research associate at the Institute of Social Planning, Organisational Change and Urban Development (School of Social Work, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland). In her research, she focuses on urban development with a key interest in citizen participation, digitalization, financialization of land and housing, urban processes in the Global South, and community organizing.