Funding the future of Australian news

with Andrea Carson

26 Mar 2024 | Media and Communication

Andrea Carson (LaTrobe University, Australia) explores the funding models for Australian digital-born news. This episode dives into the influence of digital platforms and regulations, and how successful outlets build strong brands, diversify income, and foster audience trust.

Episode based on the article

Symbiosis or Precarity? Digital Platforms’ Role on Australian Digital-Native Journalism and Their Funding Models
By Andrea Carson and Denis Muller
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About the Speaker

Andrea Carson is a professor of political communication in the Department of Politics, Media, and Philosophy at La Trobe University, Australia. She has a PhD in political science and is a journalism scholar who researches news media’s relationship to democracy. Her most recent books include Investigative Journalism, Democracy and the Digital Age and her book with Dr. Muller Undercover Reporting, Deception, and Betrayal in Journalism (2023).