Gender, inequality, and cleaning platforms

with Laura Wiesböck

12 Mar 2024 | Social Inclusion

We dive into the world of gig economy-based domestic cleaning, where gender inequalities intersect with other axes of disadvantage. Laura Wiesböck (Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna, Austria) explores the experiences of female cleaners in private households, uncovering the challenges they face in this fragmented and informal sector. We examine how platform-based cleaning laborers face power imbalances, objectification, and information asymmetry.

Episode based on the article

Domestic Cleaners in the Informal Labour Market: New Working Realities Shaped by the Gig Economy?
By Laura Wiesböck, Julia Radlherr, and Mai Linh Angelique Vo
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About the Speaker

Laura Wiesböck (PhD) is a senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna. She holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Vienna. Throughout her academic career, she has also studied, conducted research, and/or taught at Oxford University, CUNY Graduate Center, University of Ghana, and National Taiwan University, among others. Her research interests lie in the intersection of labour market, poverty, and gender. The sociologist was granted several prizes in recognition of her academic work.