How bypassing the people can hurt democracy

with Stefan Sliwa Ruiz

13 Sep 2023 | Politics and Governance

In 2005, the French people rejected the EU Constitution in a popular referendum. This decision was seen by many as a defeat for democracy, and it raised questions about the future of the European Union. With our guest Stefan Sliwa Ruiz, this episode explores the long-term impact of this decision and its implications for democracy in France and Europe.

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Voter Disenchantment in the Aftermath of the 2005 EU Constitutional Referendum in France
By Stefan Sliwa Ruiz, Lukas Linsi, and Pascal Jaupart
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About the Speaker

Stefan Sliwa Ruiz is a PhD candidate at the Global Economics and Business Department at the University of Groningen. His broad and interdisciplinary research interests include political economy, health, and development.