How geopolitics is reshaping chips and ICT infrastructure

with Shawn Donnelly

5 Mar 2024 | Politics and Governance

In this episode, we focus on the world of chips and critical ICT infrastructure policy in the US and EU, exploring how geopolitical security threats drive industrial policy, export controls, and self-sufficiency. Shawn Donnelly (University of Twente and Leiden University, the Netherlands) examines the different debates and approaches to chip and 5G industrial policy.

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Semiconductor and ICT Industrial Policy in the US and EU: Geopolitical Threat Responses
By Shawn Donnelly
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About the Speaker

Shawn Donnelly (University of Twente and Leiden University) is the author of Reshaping Economic and Monetary Union (Manchester University Press), The Regimes of European Integration (Oxford University Press), Power Politics, Banking Union and EMU (Routledge), and European Banking Nationalism (Routledge). He specialises in American and European economic strategy, industrial policy, and financial markets.