How Huelva’s youth co-created its city’s branding

with F. J. Cristòfol

26 Jun 2024 | Politics and Governance

Cities are using citizen voices to build their brands! Francisco Cristòfol (Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Spain) tells us how Huelva, in Spain, involved residents to create an authentic brand for its digital presence. This episode focuses on Huelva's process and strategy, and how they fostered community pride and a sustainable future.

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The Role of Future Generations in Place Branding: The Case of Huelva City
By Xavier Ginesta, F. J. Cristòfol, Jordi de San Eugenio, and Javier Martínez-Navarro
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About the Speaker

F. J. Cristòfol (Málaga, 1985) was certified as an associate professor by ANECA in 2022. He holds a PhD in Journalism from the University of Malaga since 2017 when he began his continuing research career. He is currently an adjunct professor at Universidad Loyola Andalucía and has previously taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses at ESIC Business & Marketing School (Madrid and Málaga campuses) and the International University of La Rioja. His doctoral thesis is titled Beer Brands and Territorial Identity: Value Generation in Social Media. He is currently a student in the PhD program in Economics and Business at the University of Málaga.