Iranian women’s digital revolution

with Asma Mehan

23 Jan 2024 | Urban Planning

We explore the Iranian feminist movement known as "Woman, Life, Freedom". The movement has been met with brutal crackdowns from the Iranian government, but it has also captured the attention of the world through social media. Asma Mehan (Texas Tech University, USA) explains how this movement is using digital art, graffiti, and protests to create a physical and virtual space for women's voices to be heard. What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for this movement, and how can it inspire other feminist movements around the globe?

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Digital Feminist Placemaking: The Case of the “Woman, Life, Freedom” Movement
By Asma Mehan
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About the Speaker

Asma Mehan (PhD) is a researcher, educator, and architect working at the intersection of architectural humanities and critical urban studies. She is currently an assistant professor at Texas Tech University College of Architecture. She is the author of the books Tehran: From Sacred to Radical (Routledge, 2022) and Kuala Lumpur: Community, Infrastructure, and Urban Inclusivity (Routledge, 2020). She has authored over 50 articles and essays in scholarly books and professional journals in multiple languages, such as English, Persian, and Italian, on critical urban studies, architecture, urban planning, housing, and heritage studies.