The role of nostalgia in right-wing populist communication

with Manuel Menke

14 Mar 2023 | Media and Communication

In our first episode, Manuel Menke talks about the role of nostalgia in the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) online election campaign in the 2019 Thuringia election in East Germany. Does the electorate tend to agree more with populist statements if they contain nostalgic rhetoric? Are there risks with using nostalgia in political communication?

Episode based on the article

The Dark Side of Inspirational Pasts: An Investigation of Nostalgia in Right-Wing Populist Communication
By Manuel Menke and Tim Wulf
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About the Speaker

Manuel Menke (PhD) is an assistant professor at the Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His research interests comprise (theories of) social and media change, media and nostalgia, mediated memories, digital public spheres, and journalism research.