Migration and sibling relationships

with Irma Budginaitė‐Mačkinė

16 Jan 2024 | Social Inclusion

As Lithuanian families spread across borders, their relationships are being reshaped, especially among siblings. Irma Budginaitė‐Mačkinė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) explores how sibling dynamics are changing in the context of migration, highlighting the gendered expectations of support and the impact of multi-local interactions. This conversation uncovers the unique type of solidarity that emerges from these cross-border family practices.

Episode based on the article

Siblings as Overlooked Potential for Care and Support Across Households and Borders
By Irma Budginaitė‐Mačkinė and Irena Juozeliūnienė
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About the Speaker

Irma Budginaitė-Mačkinė is an associate professor of sociology at Vilnius University. Her research focuses on migration and intergenerational solidarity, the portrayal of migrants in public discourse, and the conceptualisation of migration experiences amidst unsettling events. Currently, Irma coordinates the interdisciplinary research network Racialisation, Whiteness and Politics of Othering in Contemporary Europe and leads the working group Kin-Keeping Within Transnational Families in a Global and Digital Era in the COST TraFaDy network.