Revealing the paths people take in informal settlements

with Yael Borofsky

21 Feb 2024 | Urban Planning

Cape Town's maze-like informal settlements have unique movement patterns. Experts, like Yael Borofsky (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), are rethinking how people move in cities because sometimes the usual rules do not apply. Revisiting these rules can lead to better lives for residents by making sure everyone can easily get around and feel connected.

Episode based on the article

An Empirical Test of Pedestrian Activity Theories Within Informal Settlements
By Yael Borofsky, Stephanie Briers, and Isabel Günther
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About the Speaker

Yael Borofsky is an early-career fellow at the Collegium Helveticum and an affiliate post-doctoral researcher in the Development Economics Group at ETH Zürich where she studies infrastructure access in informal settlements and the use of sensors for social science research in data-scarce settings. Yael received her PhD from ETH Zürich in 2022. She has a dual masters’ degree in city planning as well as technology and policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.