The key to effective advertising literacy for minors

with Sophie Boerman

30 Jan 2024 | Media and Communication

In the digital world, kids are constantly exposed to advertising, but are they equipped to understand it? Sophie Boerman (University of Amsterdam and Wageningen University & Research) explores the concept of advertising literacy and uncovers the effectiveness of pictograms: small symbols designed to warn kids about sponsored content. This talk aims to clarify a very important question: how can we effectively create informed online consumers?

Episode based on the article

Can an Awareness Campaign Boost the Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing Disclosures in YouTube Videos?
By Sophie C. Boerman, Eva A. van Reijmersdal, and Esther Rozendaal
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About the Speaker

Sophie C. Boerman is associate professor of persuasive communication in the Strategic Communication group at Wageningen University & Research. Her research addresses how people are influenced by (digital) communication and how persuasive communication can empower people to make healthy and sustainable decisions.