The rise and fall of the Netherlands’ population decline action plan

with Marco Bontje

9 Jul 2024 | Urban Planning

In 2009, the Netherlands implemented an innovative approach to addressing population decline with their Population Decline Action Plan. Joined by Marco Bontje (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), we discuss how and why the policy was introduced, its evolution over a decade, and the reasons behind its termination in 2019. We'll also explore regional policies that have emerged since and what they mean for the future governance of population shrinkage in the Netherlands.

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Multiscalar Governance of Shrinkage in the Netherlands: Past, Present… Future?
By Marco Bontje
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About the Speaker

Marco Bontje is an assistant professor of urban geography at the University of Amsterdam. His main research interests include shrinking cities, creative cities, residential migration, population geographies, and polycentric city regions. Most of his research takes place in the Netherlands and Europe, often in international comparative projects. Next to publishing many articles in peer‐reviewed journals, Marco is also associate editor of the Journal of Housing and Built Environment, co‐editor of several special issues of journals, co‐author of the book Inventive City‐Regions (2011), and co‐editor of the books Skills and Cities (2016) and Handbook on Shrinking Cities (2022)