Understanding the barriers to online participation

with Martina Novotná

12 Dec 2023 | Media and Communication

Martina Novotná (Masaryk University, Czech Republic) discusses barriers to participation in online discussions on social media. This conversation focuses on two topics: the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russo-Ukrainian War, as we explore the role that the negativity of these online discussions has on participation.

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Barriers to Participation in Polarized Online Discussions About Covid-19 and the Russo-Ukrainian War
By Martina Novotná, Alena Macková, Karolína Bieliková, and Patrícia Rossini
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About the Speaker

Martina Novotná is a PhD candidate at the Department of Media Studies and Journalism at Masaryk University. Her research focuses on online political expressions and interactions, emphasizing the role of cross-cutting discussions, polarization, incivility, and intolerance.