Unpacking ethnic inequalities in Nigeria

with Arnim Langer

3 Jul 2024 | Social Inclusion

How do Nigerians view ethnic inequalities and what is their support for policies that address these gaps? Using a unique survey of 2300 Nigerians, Arnim Langer (KU Leuven, Belgium) uncovers the link between perceptions of inequality and attitudes towards redistribution. Tune in to learn about the factors that shape public opinion on this critical issue and what it means for Nigeria’s future.

Episode based on the article

Who Deserves To Be Supported? Analysing Attitudes Towards Horizontal Redistribution in Nigeria
By Arnim Langer, Lucas Leopold, and Bart Meuleman
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About the Speaker

Arnim Langer is full professor of international politics, director of the Centre for Research on Peace and Development (CRPD), and chairholder of the UNESCO Chair in Building Sustainable Peace at KU Leuven. His research focuses on the causes and consequences of violent conflict as well as the challenges of building sustainable peace in post‐conflict and/or multi‐ethnic countries. His work has appeared in, i.a., Journal of Peace Research, Foreign Affairs, Political Analysis, World Development, and the International Journal of Intercultural Relations.