The impact of disordered urban environments on mental health

with Dick Sadler and Julia Felton

14 Mar 2023 | Urban Planning

How do disordered urban environments impact mental health symptoms and disorders? Richard C. Sadler and Julia W. Felton, the speakers of our first episode, explore how redlining, blockbusting, and gentrification influence anxiety and depression, through a case study in Baltimore, Maryland.

Episode based on the article

Inequitable Housing Practices and Youth Internalizing Symptoms: Mediation Via Perceptions of Neighborhood Cohesion
By Richard C. Sadler, Julia W. Felton, Jill A. Rabinowitz, Terrinieka W. Powell, Amanda Latimore, and Darius Tandon
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About the Speakers

Richard C. Sadler is an associate professor in the Division of Public Health and Department of Family Medicine at Michigan State University. His research interests lie at the intersection of urban planning and public health, including chronic disease and health equity-related outcomes related to disinvestment, deindustrialization, and urban decline in Rust Belt cities.

Julia W. Felton is an assistant scientist in the Center for Health Policy & Health Services Research at Henry Ford Health. Her research centers around understanding environmental impacts on adolescent development and preventing risky behaviors across the lifespan.