What does an inclusive city for gender and sexual minorities look like?

with Karine Duplan

19 Dec 2023 | Social Inclusion

What is an inclusive city? And how do we create one? Karine Duplan (University of Geneva, Switzerland) explores inclusiveness for gender and sexual minorities, focusing on targeted publics of inclusive policies concerning gender and sexualities, how participation reshapes urban citizenship, and what are the implications for social justice.

Episode based on the article

What Would an Inclusive City for Gender and Sexual Minorities Be Like? You Need to Ask Queer Folx!
By Karine Duplan
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About the Speaker

Karine Duplan is a senior lecturer of geography in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Geneva. She also teaches at the HETS-HESSO Geneva. Her research focuses on the spatial dimension of inequalities and privileges. She draws on feminist and queer theories to unpack the everyday discursive and material production of heteronormativity and its discriminatory effects as well as on the modes of transformation and contestation of heteronormative power.