Twisted Tweets: The dark side of Twitter’s influencer culture

with Puck Guldemond

24 Apr 2023 | Politics and Governance

Some influencers on Twitter spread deceiving content online. But how exactly do they influence the behavior and attitudes of their followers? What is their speech? How do they polarize political debates online? Puck Guldemond (Wageningen University & Research) talks about these “deceitful opinion leaders”, and how they can change the norms of conversation on social media platforms.

Episode based on the article

Fueling Toxicity? Studying Deceitful Opinion Leaders and Behavioral Changes of Their Followers
By Puck Guldemond, Andreu Casas Salleras, and Mariken van der Velden
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About the Speaker

Puck Guldemond is a PhD candidate at the Strategic Communication Group at Wageningen University & Research. Her research interests include data-driven campaigning, political influence and behavior on social media, computational social sciences, and populist rhetoric in political communication.