The Commodification of Virtual Community Content in Increasing Media Traffic

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The Commodification of Virtual Community Content in Increasing Media Traffic

  • Tuti Widiastuti Communication Department, Bakrie University, Indonesia

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Abstract:  Traffic is activity on a page of a site resulting from Internet visits and activity on that page. The more a site is visited, and the more activity Internet users engage in on the site’s pages, the higher its traffic. Traffic is like an audience on a television station, listener to the radio station, or circulation on print media. Traffic is the overall activity of readers on online media sites. Data collection from is the commodification of content in an online forum, as in Kaskus and Kompasiana. The media are certainly competing to present exciting news content so that their readers remain loyal to their online. Exciting content on news portals and other efforts are employed solely to increase traffic. One such effort is the use of referral traffic, that is traffic which comes from other websites other than the major search engines, sources such as forums, blogs, and minor search engines are categorized as referral traffic. Visitors come to the online media portal through other websites and blog intermediaries. Although the contribution of made by referral traffic is not as great as the other sources, this practice considered quite useful as it does increase traffic in the media, traffic which is essential—and a measure of success.

Keywords:  commodification of content; media traffic; online forum; virtual community



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