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Digital Media and Younger Audiences

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Abstract:  The active digital engagement of children and teens from a very early age makes them the most prolific digital users and online content creators. Simultaneously, this high level of digital exposure enhances their vulnerability to online risks and the potential for them to encounter harmful online content. This dynamic has profound implications for all dimensions and stakeholders within the digital ecosystem. This thematic issue presents a comprehensive review of the significant advantages, critical risks, and challenges arising from the extensive online engagement of children and adolescents. This body of research provides valuable insights and identifies future research avenues related to emotional well-being, identity development, perceptions of social success and self-esteem, as well as examining the critical aspects concerning digital literacy and the regulatory frameworks governing digital content providers.

Keywords:  adolescents; children; digital literacy; digital media; digital vulnerabilities; influencers; online content; self-regulation; video-sharing platforms



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