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Critical Perspectives on Digital Literacies: Creating a Path Forward

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Abstract:  This thematic issue of Media and Communication features a range of critical perspectives on digital literacies with the aim of shedding light on a path forward with respect to theory, research and practice. The issue hosts fourteen articles divided into four themes that address digital literacies in varying ways. The four themes are (a) defining digital literacies, (b) socio-cultural theories of digital literacies, (c) digital literacies in practice, and (d) digital skills and efficacy. The articles make a strong case for the continued exploration of the significance and (re)definition of digital literacies within our global communicative landscape. The authors have inspired new dialogue, research directions, innovative practices, and policy on digital literacies. As digital technologies continue to evolve so too will intellectual frameworks—generating nuance and scope for and by researchers as well as practitioners.

Keywords:  critical perspectives; digital literacies; digital media; socio-cultural theory



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