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Instagram Influencers as Superwomen: Influencers’ Lifestyle Presentations Observed Through Framing Analysis

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Abstract:  Female Instagram influencers presumably manipulate their online presentations to conform to the “superwoman ideal” (i.e., the idea that women have to excel in multiple roles). Knowledge of how they build such presentations is important to understand how young women’s perception of the superwoman ideal might be affected by social media. As such, the current content analytical study (N = 1,200 posts, 60 influencers) examined how female health and beauty influencers present themselves in accordance with the superwoman ideal and whether such presentations vary by culture (i.e., the US, Belgium, and China). Inductive framing analysis revealed that they highlight their excellence in six roles, which focus on appearance, relationships, activities, achievements, wisdom, and expertise. Additional multilevel analyses suggested that besides beauty, it is most important to be perceived as an exciting and experienced individual. These roles are generalizable across cultures, implying that the superwoman ideal is presented identically worldwide.

Keywords:  content analysis; framing analysis; Instagram influencers; superwoman ideal



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