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The Perception of Older Adults Regarding Socio-Political Issues Disseminated on Social Networks

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Abstract:  Research on the relationship between seniors and social networks has focused mainly on the difficulties experienced by this group in accessing the internet. However, it has not examined other aspects such as participation by older adults in socio-political discourse. Although articles have been written on specific topics related to this issue, such studies are not enough. This research aims to analyse the perception of people over 60 years of age regarding the use of social networks as a channel for staying informed and participating in socio-political discourse that takes place on social media. To achieve this objective, four focus groups were conducted in July of 2022. In assessing the results, the transcripts were examined using qualitative-inductive content analysis and reinforced with topic analysis to identify shared perceptions. The co-occurrence evaluation reveals a strong relationship between negative perceptions and concepts such as tension and fake news. Positive perceptions are associated with the ease of interaction with other users and the potential for obtaining information. Differences have also been observed among social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp, which appear to be the networks of choice for sharing information and opinions on socio-political issues.

Keywords:  digital divide; digital inclusion; fake news; seniors; social media; social networks



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