Open Access Journal

ISSN: 2183-2439

Publication Fees
The article processing charge (APC) for each manuscript accepted for publication is €900 (plus VAT if applicable).

As an open access publisher, Cogitatio is committed to ensuring permanent and universal free access to all published articles, unlike closed-access journals which limit their readership to those able to pay subscription fees. This means that Cogitatio does not receive any income from either subscriptions or article views/downloads. As publishing is not without its costs, the journal needs to offset all production costs through article processing charges. These charges are used to finance the whole publication and archiving process, including peer review, editing, proof-reading and copy-editing, and hosting and maintenance of the journal archives. Without proper financing for such necessary expenses, the journal would be unable to provide the rigorous and professional service upon which we pride ourselves.

Numerous universities and funding agencies allocate funds to cover article processing charges, and authors are advised to check with their departments and libraries if funds are available to cover open access publication costs. Authors affiliated with institutions that have joined Cogitatio's Membership Program can publish their articles totally free of charge.

Authors who demonstrate financial need and cannot afford the article processing charge can apply for a waiver during the article submission procedure (waiver requests during or after peer-review will not be considered). Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may be granted in cases of genuine need. Due to the numerous costs associated to open access publishing, Cogitatio can only accept to process a limited number of waived submissions per issue.

Institutional Memberships
Institutional Membership is destined for institutions, groups and societies that wish to cover the whole cost of open access publishing and allow their authors to freely publish and disseminate their articles to a broader readership. Cogitatio offers two different types of Institutional Membership:

  • Prepaid Membership: The institution pays an annual flat rate which covers the article processing fees of all manuscripts accepted for publication in this journal with one or more authors belonging to the member institution.
  • Postpaid Membership: The institution is not charged an annual rate, and only pays article processing fees for articles accepted for publication in the journal with one or more authors belonging to the member institution. The institution receives an automatic discount of 20% for each accepted manuscript. Institutions may establish a cap for the maximum number of manuscripts to be considered under this Postpaid Membership agreement.

For a membership quote please contact us at [email protected]