Biophilic Cities and Healthy Societies

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Biophilic Cities and Healthy Societies

  • Timothy Beatley Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, School of Architecture, University of Virginia, USA

Abstract  Biophilia holds that as a species humans are innately drawn to nature and to living things. Mounting research confirms the many positive health benefits of contact with nature, and the need for daily (and hourly) contact with the natural environment in order to live happy, healthy, meaningful lives. A new vision of Biophilic Cities is put forward here: cities that are nature-abundant, that seek to protect and grow nature, and that foster deep connections with the natural world. This article describes the emergence of this global movement, the new and creative ways that cities are restoring, growing and connecting with nature, and the current status and trajectory of a new global Biophilic Cities Network, launched in 2013. There remain open questions, and significant challenges, to advancing the Biophilic Cities vision, but it also presents unusual opportunities to create healthier, livable cities and societies.

Keywords  biophilia; biophilic; nature in cities; resilience

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Publication Date  10 October 2017


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