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Densification and School Segregation: The Case of Oslo

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Abstract:  Urban densification has become a desirable development strategy in several cities. In addition to its environmental benefits, densification is also advocated as able to promote conditions for better coexistence and social mix. Studies have shed light on the likelihood of densification affecting residential patterns, but no attention has been paid so far to understanding the possible consequences on school segregation dynamics. As residential and school population composition are strongly intertwined, we argue that densification patterns may be associated with specific dynamics in school segregation. This study may thus pave the way to a better understanding of an understudied relationship. Using Oslo as a case study, we investigate how urban densification, here implemented through a neoliberal planning approach, can be associated with different forms of gentrification and new social divisions that are somewhat mirrored in the school segregation patterns of the city.

Keywords:  Oslo; school segregation; socio-spatial inequalities; urban densification; urban planning



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