Imagining Cities of Inclusion—Formulating Spaces of Justice

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Imagining Cities of Inclusion—Formulating Spaces of Justice

  • Anja Nygren Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Florencia Quesada Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland

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Abstract:  This introduction underlines some of the topics the present thematic issue focuses on, such as segregation and security, control and creativity, resistance and networking, presenting continuities and changes in urban governance and urban justice in different parts of the world. We argue that urban theory should be rethought to consider cities as fora that recentre the ‘political’ in relation to gentrification, rights to the city, justice, and alternative urbanisms. We highlight structural aspects of urban policy and planning, including the intersection of mega-development projects with disruptive acts of social dispossession and efforts to depoliticise institutional control. Simultaneously, we emphasise tactics that reinterpret hierarchical modes of governance and create initiatives for enhanced justice through claim-making, negotiation, improvisation, acts of everyday resistance and organised opposition.

Keywords:  cities; inclusion; inequality; justice; politics; segregation; space; urban planning

Published:   31 August 2020


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