Classification of Landscape Physiognomies in Rural Poland: The Case of the Municipality of Cekcyn

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Classification of Landscape Physiognomies in Rural Poland: The Case of the Municipality of Cekcyn

  • Anna Górka Faculty of Architecture, Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  • Kazimierz Niecikowski Faculty of Oceanography and Geography, University of Gdańsk, Poland

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This article presents a methodology and the results of the classification of the rural landscapes physiognomies conducted on the study area located in the municipality of Cekcyn, Poland. The study aimed to develop a landscape identification method that would combine natural, cultural, and visual criteria with which to implement the provisions of the European Landscape Convention. The realization of the European Landscape Convention in Poland is incomplete due to the lack of practical application of landscape assessment in land management and spatial planning at the commune level. The research was intended at helping to fill this void. The study develops a method using which it will be possible to protect the diversity and beauty of Europe’s rural landscapes more effectively. The goal has so far been of little scientific interest in Poland. The physiognomy of the studied area was analyzed with the use of commonly available spatial data and by means of field studies. Physical-geographical units and cultural characteristics have been designated based on spatial databases. Landscape patterns were identified by analyzing visual fields with the use of both GIS applications and field studies. This practice made it possible to determine physiognomic units of the landscape which are internally coherent and relatively homogeneous in terms of physical-geographical, cultural, and visual features. Identifying the landscape physiognomy within the designated landscape physiognomic units serves to harmonize spatial alterations in the area of rural communes in processes of land management and planning.

Keywords:  land management; landscape assessment; landscape physiognomy; Poland; rural areas

Published:   14 October 2021


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