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Shaping the New Vistula Spit Channel: Political, Economic, and Environmental Aspects

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Abstract:  In September 2022, the new shipping channel in Poland was opened for service. It connects the Port of Elbląg and the Gdańsk Bay in Poland, cutting through the Vistula Spit and the Vistula Lagoon. It was intended to enable direct access to the Baltic Sea from the Port of Elbląg without crossing Russian territory. Originally conceptualized decades ago, it has taken its final shape only recently. Its construction was associated with several issues, including economic, political, and environmental ones. But at the same time, the rationale of its construction has to be confronted with the analysis of the long-term consequences for the city's economy and the environment of the Vistula Lagoon. Many of these issues are presented and discussed in the article, along with some initial conclusions regarding future opportunities and threats associated with operational and maintenance-related issues.

Keywords:  access; Elbląg; infrastructure; Vistula Lagoon; Vistula Spit



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