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Geomedia Futures: Imagining Tomorrow’s Mediatized Places and Place-Based Technologies

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Academic Editors: Karin Fast (Karlstad University), Cornelia Brantner (Karlstad University), and Pablo Abend (Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle)


Table of Contents

Geomedia Perspectives for Multiple Futures in Tourism Development
Lotta Braunerhielm, Laila Gibson and Linda Ryan Bengtsson
Article | Open Access | Published: 25 June 2024
Surveillance Working Groups as Geomedia Governance
Talia Berniker and Lee Humphreys
Article | Open Access | Published: 28 March 2024
Mapping Geomedia Studies: Origins, Trajectories, and Future Directions
André Jansson and Christian S. Ritter
Article | Open Access | Published: 4 June 2024
“AI Will Be the Beating Heart of the City”: Connectivity and/as Care in The Line
Linda Kopitz
Article | Open Access | Published: 6 June 2024
Ideologies in Geospatial Futurism: A Computational and Critical Discourse Inquiry Into the Arcgis and ESRI-Blogs
Helena Atteneder and Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat
Article | Open Access | Published: 25 June 2024