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Home‐ and Community‐Based Work at the Margins of Welfare: Balancing between Disciplinary, Participatory and Caring Approaches

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Abstract:  By the end of the 20th century, deinstitutionalisation had become a pervasive trend in the Western world. This thematic issue discusses how successful deinstitutionalisation has been in enabling dignified and safe living with necessary services in local communities. It contributes to an understanding of the history and phases of deinstitutionalisation and ‘home turn’ policies, and sheds light on the grassroots‐level of home‐ and community‐based work at the margins of welfare, hitherto little researched. The latter includes grassroots work to implement the Housing First approach to homelessness, commonly portrayed as a means of social inclusion, worker–client interactions during home visits and in the local community, as well as close inspections of what ‘housing support’ may actually entail in terms of care, discipline and service user participation.

Keywords:  deinstitutionalisation; grassroots level; home turn; Housing First; participation; worker–client interaction



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