Social Inclusion is a quarterly peer-reviewed open access journal, which provides academics and policy-makers with a forum to discuss and promote a more socially inclusive society.

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University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Editorial Board Members

Loughborough University, UK
Linköping University, Sweden
University of Stirling, UK
Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
University College London, UK
Staffordshire University, UK
French Institute of International Relations, France
Monash University, Australia
University of New South Wales, Australia
University of South Carolina, USA
Connecticut College, USA
University of Ottawa, Canada
University of Cologne, Germany, and University of Zurich, Switzerland
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bielefeld University, Germany
Fafo Institute for Labour and Welfare Research, Norway
Cardiff University, UK
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
University of Kansas, USA
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Bangor University, UK
Harvard Kennedy School, USA
Manchester University, UK
Deakin University, Australia
University of Ulster, UK
University of Bath, UK
University of Kansas, USA
United Nations Development Programme, USA
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
University of Leeds, UK
Aalborg University, Denmark
Linköping University, Sweden
Victoria University, Australia
Robert Gordon University, UK
Flinders University, Australia
Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Macquarie University, Australia
University of Pennsylvania, USA
University of Leeds, UK
University of Saskatchewan, Canada