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Place-Based Climate-Proofing of Commercial and Industrial Areas: Inventory and Guidelines From a Regional Planning Perspective

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Abstract:  In spite of all efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, climate change has become a new reality that requires regional planning to provide effective solutions. This article focuses on commercial and industrial areas (Gewerbegebiete), which are important but often overlooked spaces, by means of examples in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The article investigates whether and how regional planning can help these areas adapt to climate change. Three commercial and industrial areas in different spatial settings are examined, using an inventory of place-based measures, general standards, and regional networking of planning actors. This inventory is based on a backcasting analysis that compares normative future images of climate-adapted commercial and industrial areas with their current local situation. Spatially differentiated guidelines for the adaptation of commercial and industrial areas are then developed from a regional planning perspective by “climate-proofing” regional plans. These guidelines provide both place-based and general solutions for integrating and governing climate adaptation measures and standards into existing frameworks using a hands-on regional planning approach.

Keywords:  backcasting analysis; Berlin; Brandenburg; climate adaptation; climate-proofing; commercial areas; Germany; industrial areas; place-based; regional planning


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