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Sustainable Planning and Technologies

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Academic Editors: Hatem Ibrahim, Ahmed Khan, Steffen Lehmann, Dellé Odeleye and Atiq Zaman

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Table of Contents

Engendering Creative City Image by Using Information Communication Technology in Developing Countries
Dillip Kumar Das
Article | Open Access | Published: 8 September 2016
The Role of Planning in Minimizing the Negative Impacts of Global Climate Change
Bjoern Hagen
Article | Open Access | Published: 9 September 2016
Cool City Design: Integrating Real-Time Urban Canyon Assessment into the Design Process for Chinese and Australian Cities
Marcus White, Youpei Hu, Nano Langenheim, Wowo Ding and Mark Burry
Article | Open Access | Published: 12 September 2016
Governing Uncertainties in Sustainable Energy Transitions—Insights from Local Heat Supply in Switzerland
Basil Bornemann, Stephan Schmidt and Susanne Schubert
Article | Open Access | Published: 4 November 2016
Sustainability Planning as Paradigm Change
Stephen M. Wheeler
Commentary | Open Access | Published: 9 November 2016