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Cloud Computing in Singapore: Key Drivers and Recommendations for a Smart Nation

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Abstract:  Cloud computing adoption enables big data applications in governance and policy. Singapore’s adoption of cloud computing is propelled by five key drivers: (1) public demand for and satisfaction with e-government services; (2) focus on whole-of-government policies and practices; (3) restructuring of technology agencies to integrate strategy and implementation; (4) building the Smart Nation Platform; (5) purpose-driven cloud applications especially in healthcare. This commentary also provides recommendations to propel big data applications in public policy and management: (a) technologically, embrace cloud analytics, and explore “fog computing”—an emerging technology that enables on-site data sense-making before transmission to the cloud; (b) promote regulatory sandboxes to experiment with policies that proactively manage novel technologies and business models that may radically change society; (c) on the collaboration front, establish unconventional partnerships to co-innovate on challenges like the skills-gap—an example is the unprecedented partnership led by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy with the government, private sector and unions.

Keywords:  big data; cloud computing; public management; psychomics; public policy; Singapore; smart city



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