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What Is Inclusive Education? Voices and Views From a Carpentry Classroom Workshop

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Abstract:  Theories of inclusive education usually assume the schooling of all students within the same educational contexts, focusing on presence, participation, and success. However, the current implementation of inclusive education in regular schools has encountered resistance and difficulties that have led to special education schools assuming a complementary role in ensuring that all students’ educational needs are met. In this context, the limited scope of inclusive education theories is evident. Therefore, the present case study addresses the need to develop new theories to adapt inclusive practices to a carpentry classroom workshop. Our research took place in a carpentry classroom workshop in a Catalan special education school and aimed to identify the various meanings that participants (students and teachers) give to inclusive education, especially regarding presence, participation, success, and relationships between students. The results indicate that, while literature on inclusive education is divergent, literature on the Sloyd methodology converges. In conclusion, we invite readers to consider the need for more research on inclusive education in a given context and in relation to the Sloyd educational methodology.

Keywords:  carpentry students; educational needs; inclusive education; Sloyd; social inclusion; special education school



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