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Housing Norms and Standards: The Design of Everyday Life

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Academic Editors: Sam Jacoby (Royal College of Art) and Seyithan Özer (Royal College of Art)

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Table of Contents

Housing Norms and Standards: The Design of Everyday Life
Sam Jacoby and Seyithan Özer
Editorial | Open Access | Published: 23 April 2024
The Lifestyles of Space Standards: Concepts and Design Problems
Alvaro Arancibia
Article | Open Access | Published: 20 March 2024
The Influence of Space Standards on Housing Typologies: The Evolution of the Nuclear Family Dwelling in England
Lucia Alonso Aranda
Article | Open Access | Published: 26 March 2024
Handbook, Standard, Room: The Prescription of Residential Room Types in Sweden Between 1942 and 2023
Daniel Movilla Vega and Lluis Juan Liñán
Article | Open Access | Published: 11 April 2024
Heating Standards and Obsolescence in Post-War Britain’s Homes for Today and Tomorrow
Savia Palate
Article | Open Access | Published: 18 April 2024
Energy Renovation and Inhabitants’ Health Literacy: Three Housing Buildings in Paris
Yaneira Wilson and Yankel Fijalkow
Article | Open Access | Published: 18 April 2024
Domestic Cartographies: A Post-Occupancy Ethnographic Assessment of Barcelona’s Social Housing Strategies, 2015–2023
Raül Avilla-Royo and Ibon Bilbao
Article | Open Access | Published: 22 March 2024
Compact Housing for Incremental Growth: The K206 RDP Project in Alexandra, Johannesburg
Afua Wilcox, Nelson Mota, Marietta Haffner and Marja Elsinga
Article | Open Access | Published: 4 April 2024
Adaptive Reuse of High-Rise Buildings for Housing: A Study of Istanbul Central Business District
Ayşe Zeynep Aydemir and Tomris Akın
Article | Open Access | Published: 2 April 2024
Manifesting the Imagined Homeless Body: A Case Study of the Men’s Social Services Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
Oliver Moss and Adele Irving
Article | Open Access | Published: 23 April 2024
Domesticity as Nation Building in the United Arab Emirates
Sophie A. Johnson
Article | Open Access | Published: 7 March 2024
The Cultural Construction of the Domestic Space in France: Women’s Lived Experience and the Materialization of Customs
Francesca Romana Forlini
Article | Open Access | Published: 15 April 2024