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Reproducibility and Replicability in Communication Research

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Academic Editors: Johannes Breuer (GESIS—Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences / Center for Advanced Internet Studies) and Mario Haim (LMU Munich)


Table of Contents

Remembering Reasons for Reform: A More Replicable and Reproducible Communication Literature Without the Rancor
James D. Ivory
Commentary | Open Access | Published: 12 March 2024
Attitudinal, Normative, and Resource Factors Affecting Communication Scholars’ Data Sharing: A Replication Study
Jinghong Xu and Rukun Zhang
Article | Open Access | Published: 28 March 2024
On the Continued Need for Replication in Media and Communication Research
Nicholas David Bowman
Commentary | Open Access | Published: 25 March 2024
Standardized Sampling for Systematic Literature Reviews (STAMP Method): Ensuring Reproducibility and Replicability
Ayanda Rogge, Luise Anter, Deborah Kunze, Kristin Pomsel and Gregor Willenbrock
Article | Open Access | Published: 3 April 2024
Replicating and Extending Soroka, Fournier, and Nir: Negative News Increases Arousal and Negative Affect
Roeland Dubèl, Gijs Schumacher, Maaike D. Homan, Delaney Peterson and Bert N. Bakker
Article | Open Access | Published: 11 April 2024
The Challenges of Replicating Volatile Platform-Data Studies: Replicating Schatto-Eckrodt et al. (2020)
Philipp Knöpfle and Tim Schatto-Eckrodt
Article | Open Access | Published: 15 April 2024
Audio-as-Data Tools: Replicating Computational Data Processing
Josephine Lukito, Jason Greenfield, Yunkang Yang, Ross Dahlke, Megan A. Brown, Rebecca Lewis and Bin Chen
Article | Open Access | Published: 6 May 2024