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Social Exclusion in the Development of Photovoltaics: The Perspective of Fishers in the HU Township

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Abstract:  This article critically examines the consequences of the application of a photovoltaic (PV) project on the social exclusion of local fishers, through an environmental justice lens. The project was undertaken to develop a mechanism to increase local government revenue while mitigating climate change. However, the findings reveal that the entry of the PV industry displaced traditional fishery production, causing damage to the livelihood of local fishers and encroaching on their living space. At the same time, the authorities did not pay special attention to the interests of fishers in the distribution of PV revenue. These findings draw attention to the need to address the social exclusion of fishers and take decisive steps to institutionalize more structured and transparent co‐creation processes to ensure that the voices of marginalized groups are heard and effectively considered in the process. The research this article draws on is qualitative, comprised of data gathered through document analysis, as well as in‐depth interviews with the fishers, representatives of the local government, and the PV companies.

Keywords:  environment justice; fishers’ livelihood; industrial expansion; photovoltaics; social exclusion



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