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Multidisciplinary Studies in Politics and Governance

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Academic Editors: Amelia Hadfield (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK), and Andrej J. Zwitter (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

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Table of Contents

Just a Shadow? The Role of Radical Right Parties in the Politicization of Immigration, 1995–2009
Sarah Meyer and Sieglinde Rosenberger
Article | Open Access | Published: 28 April 2015
The Diffusion of Labour Standards: The Case of the US and Guatemala
Gerda van Roozendaal
Article | Open Access | Published: 7 May 2015
Drawing Lessons When Objectives Differ? Assessing Renewable Energy Policy Transfer from Germany to Morocco
Karoline Steinbacher
Article | Open Access | Published: 12 May 2015
In Defence of War. By Nigel Biggar. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2013, 361 pp.; ISBN: 978-0-19-872583-1.
Daniel Fiott
Book Review | Open Access | Published: 10 August 2015
Riding the Populist Web: Contextualizing the Five Star Movement (M5S) in Italy
Liza Lanzone and Dwayne Woods
Article | Open Access | Published: 11 August 2015
Who Is a Stream? Epistemic Communities, Instrument Constituencies and Advocacy Coalitions in Public Policy-Making
Ishani Mukherjee and Michael Howlett
Article | Open Access | Published: 26 August 2015
Intermediate Conditions of Democratic Accountability: A Response to Electoral Skepticism
J. S. Maloy
Article | Open Access | Published: 28 August 2015
Assessing the Relationship between Presidential Rhetorical Simplicity and Unilateral Action
Christopher Olds
Short Note | Open Access | Published: 2 September 2015
Steering or Networking: The Impact of Europe 2020 on Regional Governance Structures
Frederic Maes and Peter Bursens
Article | Open Access | Published: 9 September 2015
EU “Mobility” Partnerships: An Initial Assessment of Implementation Dynamics
Natasja Reslow
Article | Open Access | Published: 28 September 2015
Analyzing the EU Refugee Crisis: Humanity, Heritage and Responsibility to Protect
Amelia Hadfield and Andrej Zwitter
Editorial | Open Access | Published: 12 November 2015