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Multidisciplinary Studies in Politics and Governance

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Academic Editors: Amelia Hadfield (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK), Andrej J. Zwitter (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Christian Haerpfer (University of Vienna, Austria) and Kseniya Kizilova (Institute for Comparative Survey Research, Austria)

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Table of Contents

Decentralised Local Governance and Poverty Reduction in Post-1991 Ethiopia: A Political Economy Study
Yeshtila Wondemeneh Bekele and Darley Jose Kjosavik
Article | Open Access | Published: 18 October 2016
Preference for Democracy in the Arab World
Mohamad Al-Ississ and Ishac Diwan
Article | Open Access | Published: 14 December 2016
Civil Society Organizations’ Participation in the EU and Its Challenges for Democratic Representation
Nicolle Zeegers
Article | Open Access | Published: 21 December 2016
Islamism, Secularism and the Woman Question in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring: Evidence from the Arab Barometer
Ashley M. Fox, Sana Abdelkarim Alzwawi and Dina Refki
Article | Open Access | Published: 23 December 2016