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Mind the Gap Between Higher Education and the Labour Market for Students with a Disability in the Netherlands: A Research Agenda

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Abstract:  The transition from higher education to the labour market is experienced as difficult by students with a disability. This gap between higher education and the labour market has tangible consequences for the participation of (young) people with a disability. Research shows that these students have a higher unemployment rate. This article addresses this gap by studying existing research data and by exploring experiences of students with a disability and other stakeholders as collected by the Dutch expert centre Handicap + Studie. We focus on the perspectives and responsibilities of the different parties involved: educational institutions, employers, municipalities, ministries and students with a disability. With this exercise, we want to contribute to putting this ‘gap’ and its stakeholders on the research agenda, arguing that more in-depth research on the transition from higher education to the labour market for students with a disability is needed. We will therefore conclude with themes that need to be researched in order to gain more knowledge for reducing the gap.

Keywords:  disability; higher education; labour market transition; stakeholders; unemployment



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