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The Father’s Role in Child Care: Parental Leave Policies in Lithuania and Sweden

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Abstract:  This article contributes to the debate on the father’s role in child care by looking at two distinct cases of child care policy development: Sweden and Lithuania. The findings show that Sweden continues to embrace the dual-earner-carer model very successfully. Parental leave, including non-transferable father’s quota, is very popular among the population. In Lithuania we find the dual-earner model, as there is still more emphasis on the mother’s employment than on the father’s child care involvement. Based on the experts’ views and document analysis, we conclude that in Lithuania the parental leave benefit is increasingly seen as a measure to ensure the family’s financial security, but not as an instrument to enhance fatherhood rights. Yet, the state intentionally supports kinship familialism as grandparents are entitled to take parental leave.

Keywords:  child care; family policies; Lithuania; parental leave; social policies; Sweden



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