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Music to Face the Lockdown: An Analysis of Covid‐19 Music Narratives on Individual and Social Well‐Being

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Abstract:  When the world seemed to collapse due to the Covid‐19 pandemic in 2020, music was employed to promote positivity and strength among citizens and communities, especially during worldwide lockdowns. Because the general context of the pandemic was saturated with anxiety, uncertainty, and fear, music—in all its forms of production—became an ideal resource for entertainment and accompaniment, and helped people face the challenges associated with the crisis. Following a qualitative content analysis, this study deeply examines 13 examples of music production published by the United Nations during the Covid‐19 crisis, highlighting the narrative elements and how they relate to individual and social well‐being. In so doing, the study identifies eight main categories among both lyrics and performances in the music examples. These are: (a) desires, (b) emotions, (c) people, (d) practices, (e) reflections, (f) education/entertainment, (g) allusion to war, and (h) nationalism. The results suggest that music narratives have empowered individuals and social groups by evoking sentiments of solidarity and kindness at both individual and community levels and, in so doing, have contributed to individual and social well‐being.

Keywords:  content analysis; Covid‐19; lockdown; music; well‐being



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