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A Commentary on the Educational Inclusion of Vulnerable Youth After Covid‐19

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Abstract:  This is a commentary on the articles published in this issue, which are devoted to the effects of the Covid‐19 pandemic on the educational inclusion prospects of vulnerable children and young people. The articles presented in the thematic issue are especially focused on case studies at either national or international comparative levels. Their findings, in general, are in line with existing research, which was initiated during the first stages of the pandemic, and demonstrate the pandemic’s adverse effects on existing disadvantaged health, educational, and social conditions. However, they raise interesting issues about promising methods and practices, as well as possible empowering tools that emerged through the use of ICTs and the implementation of various social policy measures through various digital platforms. They also point out the intersectionality of various factors generating or reinforcing social inclusion, something that has to be taken into account, not only by researchers, social welfare officials, and state agents, but also by activists and NGOs who work in the field.

Keywords:  children; comparative studies; educational inclusion; pandemic; social exclusion; social inclusion; social inequalities; vulnerable youth



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