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National Theatre in My Kitchen: Access to Culture for Blind People in Poland During Covid-19

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Abstract:  This article reflects on the phenomenon of the virtualization of culture and its significance in providing accessibility to people with visual impairment. From this point of view, virtual culture becomes a space of negotiation between social inclusion and exclusion. By examining the experiences of participants in cultural events and the planners of such events, I try to identify possible advantages as well as dangers related to the process of transferring cultural life to the Internet. The scope of my research embraces accessible cultural events offered by selected institutions and non-governmental organizations in Poland. Research data was collected by interviewing both employees and participants of events with visual impairment. I have also drawn upon my own experiences as a blind admirer of culture and a worker in the sector of cultural accessibility. My main research question is: Does the virtualization of culture make events more accessible for people with visual impairment, or does it increase already-existing barriers? A further issue is explored—namely new solutions that are appearing in the accessible remote events on offer. The theoretical framework for this study includes accessibility studies and disability studies.

Keywords:  culture; disability studies; virtualization; visual impairment



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